THRIVE with Annelien Feldtmann


It's time YOU move from merely surviving to thriving!







People development is my passion !

The rollercoaster we call life, has an uncanny ability to take all of us to exhilarating highs; excruciating lows; and in between we are all just trying our utmost to survive and if we are "lucky" to even enjoy life..


Is it even possible to thrive?  Yes it is!


As a qualified Neuro-Coach and Chartered Accountant with years of practical  experience in both private and public sector with a special focus on equipping people to achieve their dreams, I have in-depth knowledge that can be of benefit to you. 


We all need the support and objective inputs from a coach and mentor  - Let's connect and see how I can help you reach your goals.


All coaching sessions are online

Resources for every stage of the journey

Career or Life coaching  
Is life happening to you or are you intentionally creating the life of your dreams?

Are you unsure of what you do with your life? Do you need clarity on your career path? 

Sign up to take charge of your life and begin to thrive!
Now is the time
Burnout and stress management
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Are you at the end of your rope?
Do you have burn out?
Let's identify all your stress factors; work through deep-seated frustrations and learn effective stress management techniques. 
Take control
Business or Executive coaching
To become a truly impactful and effective business owner and leader, you must have a thorough understanding of your personal values and beliefs; identify and remove your frustrations, fears and obstacles; clearly define your goals and practice effective stress management techniques to ultimately reach your dreams.
Go for gold



"I must admit I was very sceptical when I initially started working with Annelien. I was not sure whether coaching would really assist me but great was my surprise! It is unbelievable how much insight her coaching gave me into my own functioning and beliefs - and the stress management techniques are fenominal! Annelien made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and she always asked relevant questions which helped me realise what my deepest beliefs are. I look forward to continue working with her in order to achieve my dreams."

Robert (Entrepreneur)

"I started working with Annelien while feeling frustrated and helpless in my work situation. This was combined with a traumatic loss in the family. Annelien has helped me to understand myself more. She has helped me identify what I value and where I need to set boundaries. She has a wealth of knowledge and has built an incredible trust relationship that makes me feel safe to share everything I am thinking and feeling. Her support, guidance and encouragement has really helped me to start believing in myself again. She is supporting me and teaching me skills to better manage in my day-to-day life and work life. The sessions we have had is invaluable.

I look forward to continue working with Annelien on my journey."

Joane (Chartered Accountant) 

" What an amazing journey! Annelien always treated me with respect and kindness. When our sessions covered very difficult personal challenges, she always made me feel safe and she never judged me. I trust her completely.
I truly hope that anybody who decides to work with a life coach, will find someone like Annelien who will make you feel positive after every single session and who will help you to achieve your goals and aspirations."
Nicole ( Entrepreneur)
" Annelien is a very pleasant coach. She is always friendly, is never judgemental and creates a safe environment . After each of our sessions I felt positive and motivated. Our  sessions helped me to cope with my day to day life - aspects I usually struggled with are now manageable. I appreciated how she explained each session to me in simple clear language and the sessions durations word optimally used - it was never a waste of time ."
Anzuette (Student)